proval_LDenka POVAL (chemical name: polyvinyl alcohol, PVA) is a white, water-soluble synthetic resin in crystalline or powder form. It was first used in manufacturing half a century ago, and remains in widespread use both in Japan and abroad as a functional material with a wide range of varied applications.  From the delicate preciseness of individual fiber sizing to creating durable PVC for piping, our PVA works hard to deliver a wide array of benefit s.  Over time, thanks to our dedicated team of researchers we have developed an array of blends depending upon the specific end-use application.

Product Features

  • Denka’s POVAL is a water-soluble polymer with excellent properties such as adhesion strength and dispersion capacity. Our unique grades of POVAL cover a wide range of polymerization and hydrolysis degrees typical of major PVA applications, each tailored to address specific end-use applications.  POVAL delivers superior binding ability when serving as an adhesive agent for porous cellulose-based materials like paper and wood, and can also be conveniently processed into a film with excellent mechanical performance (tensile strength, tear resistance, etc.)


  • Construction materials: PVC piping, window frame molding, exterior siding for homes, mortar mixture additives, gypsum board adhesive
  • Emulsifying and dispersion agent: Stabilizing agent for vinyl acetate emulsions, suspension polymerizing agent for PVC
  • Fiber-sizing agent: Warp fiber sizing agent, filament sizing agent, finishing glue
  • Paper processing: Paper surface sizing, pigment coating, pulp binding agent
  • Adhesive agent: Synthetic paper, bag making, cardboard tubing, paperboard, most wet glue, urea-formaldehyde resin for plywood
  • Binding agent: Ferrite, ceramics, agricultural chemicals, nursery soil binder, soil enhancer
  • Film/molding: Films (vinylon film, water-soluble films, packing film, polarizing film for LCDs), sponges

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