Product Description

alumina-cement“DENKA ALUMINA CEMENT” is manufactured by melting and firing lime and alumina materials (alumina, bauxite, etc.), and is used as an indispensable material for making castable refractories, which typically are irregular-shaped refractories. Aside from refractories, it is also widely used in fields such as civil engineering, construction material, catalyst, etc.


“DENKA ALUMINA CEMENT” offers excellent fluidity and high strength as a result of careful material selection and strict quality control, thereby enabling the appropriate setting time to be obtained. Also, in order to meet special applications, various grades are available


Ladle castable, high alumina quality castable, spraying material, quick-hardening castable, molding blocks, fiber-reinforced castable, versatile castable, civil engineering/construction material/catalyst applications, etc.


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