Product Description
alcen“DENKA ALCEN” is a crystalline alumina short fiber (alumina fiber). Alumina fiber, primarily consisting of alumina and silica, is used in a wide range of fields such as steel, metal, ceramics, automobiles, etc. as refractory thermal insulation material for high temperature use.

1. Its maximum usage temperature is 1500 – 1700 degrees (*).
2. Its high alumina content (72% – 100%) offers excellent chemical characteristics.
3. It has a small “shot,” which is a non-fiber content.
(*) Dependent on product type. Also, may not demonstrate sufficient heat resistance under certain conditions.

: Used as a lining, sealing, and packing material in industrial furnaces, such as heating and baking furnaces, etc.
: Molding material, such as for boards, vacuum moldings, etc.
: Lightweight castable material
: Preform material for FRM (fiber-reinforced metal), MMC (metal matrix composite)
: Holding material for combustion catalysts for automotive exhausts


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