DENKA-THERMALLY-CONDUCTIVE-SHEETOur Thermally Conductive Sheet materials feature high thermal conductivity and low thermal resistance, achieved by filling silicone resin with a high content of our own ceramic fillers. Denka products efficiently transmit heat emitted from power transistors, driver ICs, and other heat generating devices, while simultaneously ensuring effective insulation. Denka Thermally Conductive Sheet is well suited to realizing advanced thermal control in a wide variety electronic devices.



Denka Thermally Conductive Sheet products have been developed through careful selection of proprietary ceramic fillers and advanced loading techniques. Our know-how in the field of electronics translates to highly customized properties that match thermal conductivity in products according to the application and purpose.



– Automotive electrical components

– Digital home appliances

– Power modules/power supplies

– LED lighting

– FPDs (flat panel display)

– Solar cells


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