DENKA TFE is a ZrO/W ion emitter featuring minimized work function by covering the surface of its monocrystalline tungsten needle with an absorbed layer of zirconium and oxygen. Due to its extremely high brightness, which is 100 times higher than monocrystalline LaB6 cathodes, and a small energy-width of emitted electrons, the TFE probe can be focused to be smaller even at low beam voltages. Therefore, our TFE product excels in applications including surface observation of semiconductor materials and devices. In addition, because of its extremely stable emission current and long product life, Denka TFE is widely utilized by customers engaged in electron beam equipment such as semiconductor inspection and electron beam lithography apparatus.



Thanks to our sophisticated needle processing technologies, TFE can be adjusted to suit a wide range of tip radii. Super quality control ensures high reproducibility of emission characteristics. Denka also provides built-in service to our customers’ devices, and the products can also be custom manufactured to be fully integrated with the chip, suppressor, and extraction electrodes in modular form.



– High resolution scanning electron microscopes (SEM)
– Analytical transmission electron microscopes (AEM),
– Semiconductor inspectors (CD-SEM、DR-SEM、EBI)
– Electron beam lithography devices


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