HITT-PLATE02In the field of power hybrid ICs, substantial progress is being made every day in terms of miniaturization, higher degrees of integration, and higher power capabilities. These substrates require an advanced degree of heat dissipation, higher reliability, and enhanced processing power than their predecessors. Leveraging our many years of experience with thermal management products, DENKA has released a series of high thermal-conductivity materials from this very standpoint.



– High thermal conductivity (maximum conductivity of 8W/mK)

– High reliability (including voltage resistance, heat resistance, heat shock resistance, and durability)


“DENKA HITT PLATE” is a metal circuit board with high thermal conductivity, consisting of an aluminum base, an epoxy-based insulation layer with a high inorganic filler content that imparts high thermal conductivity, and a conductive foil, thereby achieving thermal resistance equivalent to an alumina ceramic substrate.



– Air conditioner inverters

– Stereo amplifiers

– Automobile and motorcycle electrical devices

– LED packaging

– Power supplies for communications equipment.


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