AN-SN-Plate02Denka’s AN PLATE is a highly thermally conductive substrate based on aluminum nitride (AIN) ceramics. AN PLATE features thermal conductivity several times greater than that of existing alumina products. We developed AN PLATE using nitrating and sintering technologies acquired through our extensive knowledge of fine ceramics, such as boron nitride, silicon nitride, and our metal substrate manufacturing technologies from our HITT PLATE aluminum substrates.


Our AN PLATE has been refined over decades of experience, boasting a significant performance advantages versus competitors. Aluminum nitride is drawing attention in the market as a highly thermally conductive ceramic substrate and packaging material in areas requiring high insulation and heat dissipation performance, such as power transistor modules and high frequency to microwave semiconductor circuits.



– High thermal conductivity: 7 times greater than that of alumina products

– High insulation performance: low dielectric constant and electrical properties comparable to alumina products

– Mechanical properties: high strength comparable to alumina products

– Low thermal expansion ratio: matched to that silicon


Denka AN PLATE boasts thermal conductivity characteristics seven times greater than that of traditional alumina. Our product is available in various grades, mainly as ceramic circuit substrates for power modules requiring high thermal conductivity and electric strength, including a standard type (150 W/mK) and a high thermal conductivity type (180 W/mK). Denka’s line-up also includes a high-reliability type with high heat cycle resistance, and a thick, higher electric strength type.


Our total production/control system from the raw material (AIN powder) through copper bonding has enabled us to realize the highest quality and cost performance ever seen in the market.



– Power transistor modules: for industrial machinery (machine tools, semiconductor manufacturing equipment, wind power generation, FA robots, etc.), electric railways

– Power supply: Uninterrupted power supplies (UPS)

– Light emitting diode (LED): Mounting substrate

– Automotive (HEV/EV inverters)


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