AP“DENKA BLACK” is acetylene black, a type of carbon black, obtained from thermal decomposition of acetylene. It is highly purified and extremely conductive; these characteristics make it an ideal material in the production of dry cells, lithium ion batteries, electric power cables, as well as in such sectors as silicon products, IC packaging materials, etc.


“DENKA BLACK” is produced through self-heating pyrolysis of acetylene gas, which needs no oxygen for reaction. Therefore, it is highly pure, amount of hydrogen existing therein as undecomposed residual matter or as a functional group is extremely small, and functional groups containing oxygen aren’t found. This closely relates to the fact that “DENKA BLACK” has excellent conductivity.

Magnified through electron microscopy, “DENKA BLACK” appears in shape of black balls linked together. This type of particle linkage is called the carbon black chain “Structure”, and this “Structure” is highly developed compared to the other carbon black. Apparent density of “DENKA BLACK” powder is low, and this makes possible retention of a large quantity of liquid within this space. Also, besides particles being linked to one another, graphitization is well developed. This makes “DENKA BLACK” highly electrically and thermally conductive.


AB– Cable Compounds

– Zinc Carbon Batteries

– Tire Curing Bladders

– Lithium Ion Batteries

– Conductive Silicone

– Lead Acid Batteries

– Fuel Cell Batteries

– Electronic Package

– Conductive Rubbers & Plastics




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