SPHERICAL-ALUMINA02DENKA’s Spherical Alumina leverages a long history of expertise in ceramics technology to bring added value to customers. Our products feature high sphericity, high purity alumina developed by unique high temperature processing technologies. DENKA Spherical Alumina provides high thermal conductivity while improving the surface hardness of various filled resins for improved thermal interface properties. Low ionic impurity grades are also available, dramatically improving performance in electronic products requiring high reliability.


Our Spherical Alumina can be easily filled at high content ratios to various types of resins/rubbers, allowing for precise control of wear in kneading machines or molds compared with irregular-shaped fillers. The particle distribution can be adjusted according to use, and our lineup includes particle diameters ranging from submicron sizes to 70 micrometers.


– Filler for thermal interface material
– Filler for semiconductor sealants
– Powder to be laid for ceramic baking
– Abrasive grain
– Spraying material


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