BORON-NITRIDE-POWDERSHexagonal boron nitride powder (h-BN), often referred to as ‘white graphite,’ is an advanced ceramic powder featuring a crystalline structure similar to that of graphite. A chemically stable material, Boron Nitride has gained prominence in the marketplace where it is valued in a variety of cutting-edge applications.



Hexagonal boron nitride powder features excellent thermal conductivity, heat and corrosion resistance, electric insulation, lubrication/demolding performance, and is often employed as an additive to advanced fillers. BN coating agents are also used as heat-resistant mold-release material for a wide variety of metals and glass molding applications by making use of its corrosion resistance and demolding characteristics.



– Thermal conductivity: Additives to various types of heat-dissipation and thermal interface materials.

– Lubrication performance: Additives to greases and oils.

– Mold release performance: Coating materials for metal and glass molding dies, etc.

– Electric insulation: Filler for insulation materials in electronic applications

– Corrosion resistance: Protective coating materials for molten metal, etc.

– Thermal resistance: Additives for high-temperature lubrication, etc.


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