In 2009, Denka launched ALONBRIGHT nitride phosphors for the LED industry, and has worked to expand the catalog to include a range of finely tuned Green, Orange, and Red products, each bringing added-value to customers across the globe. DENKA’s Green β-type SiAlON and Orange α -type SiAlON nitride phosphors are engineered for reliability and stable brightness, even under the stress of higher temperature applications. CASN and S-CASN Red phosphors are also featured in the lineup, and contribute significantly to enhanced color rendering at higher brightness in the LED product. As of 2014, Denka also launched a new red phosphor, KSF, to contribute to achieving a wider color gamut in LED TV and Smartphone/Tablet applications. Whether found in LCD backlighting or in general illumination, Denka ALONBRIGHT phosphors also work hand-in-hand when blended to achieve stunning color in any application.



SiAlON, CASN/SCASN, and KSF phosphors: ALONBRIGHT exceed conventional silicate phosphors in reliability for heat-resistance beyond 100oC and humidity-resistance, while achieving superior brightness in LED packages.


Denka ALONBRIGHT’s excitation range is compatible with blue, violet, or UV LED pumps. ALONBRIGHT achieves higher quantum efficiency with UV excitation, and excels in lighting device applications with UV excitation pumps.



– Modules for LCD backlighting: LCD TV, PC display, mobile devices, game consoles, LCD monitors for automotive etc.

– LED illumination devices: general illumination, outdoor illumination, automotive indicators, etc.


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