Since its founding in 1915, Denka has engaged in business activities that focus on comfortable living and social contribution through the manufacture of chemicals. In 2016 we established The Denka Value, in which we clearly defined our mission statement as “Taking on the challenge of expanding the possibilities of chemistry to create new value and contribute to sound social development.” With this, Denka declared that it will continue seeking to fulfill its social responsibilities and implement growth strategies—the two indispensible fundamentals of its business.

Denka has developed unique technologies over a history spanning more than a century. Applying these unrivaled technologies, we aim to support social progress by providing new value in a wide range of fields. Among them, we will focus on the healthcare field, where needs are growing for prevention and early diagnosis, and the automotive field, where eco-friendly and self-driving cars are gaining in popularity.

To secure a corporate structure capable of sustained growth that is resilient to fluctuations in the external environment, Denka continues to nurture specialization within its business portfolio. At the same time, we aim to revolutionize productivity by making use of the Internet of things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI), and other leading-edge technologies. Enhancing our competitiveness in this way will lead to improved business performance. These gains will be returned to our stakeholders and will help transform work habits. Denka aims for healthy growth as a corporation that seeks to keep its workers happy.

Under The Denka Value philosophy, Denka seeks to continuously grow while fulfilling its social responsibility in order to live up to the expectations and trust of all its stakeholders. I would like to thank our stakeholders for their continued support.